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Here is a true story of a mom who chose life:

“Single, alone, part time minimum wage job, renting a room out of a house, no furniture, no car, waiting for a break to come my way; this was my situation when morning sickness hit me and I found out that I was 3 months pregnant.  I looked around at my situation and wondered what to do.  My first thought was to let the father of my child know; surely he would realize what a difficult situation this was and would do what he could to help.  No.  In fact, he was leaving the area to pursue his career and warned me that if I did not “get rid of this problem” that I would have no future.  He made me feel that an abortion was logical and the only way to move forward and to have any hope of the life that I wanted.

Abortion sounded like an answer to my problems; the only way to move forward and get what I wanted out of life; and besides,  I reasoned to myself, I didn’t have anything to offer this child…was it fair to bring a child into the world that would be a burden?  I proceeded in this vein of thought; I worked hard to convince myself that I was really thinking of the child when in truth I was worried about myself.  My spirit was troubled like it had never been before.  I finally decided to pray about it…yes, finally.  I realized that I was avoiding prayer because I did not really know God and I didn’t really want to know what He would do or ask of me.

My first feeling after earnest prayer was overwhelming guilt at how selfish I was; then I realized that I needed Him to make everything okay.  I am sorry to say that my first cry of submission to the Lord was not very reverent; it sounded something like, “Fine!  I’ll do it your way, but you better help me!”  God is faithful.  God is loving.  He comes to us with aid even when we come to Him screaming, scared, and struggling with selfishness.  I know this to be true with everything that I am.  Life didn’t all of a sudden become easy, but I had what I needed; and more importantly, my baby had what she needed.

We made it through those first hard years of barely having enough, but the important thing is we had enough and we made it through.  It is hard for me to admit to anyone that the thought of abortion went through my head, but I am being honest with you because I want you to know that you are not alone in how you feel.  I also want you to know that you cannot imagine the love that you will have for your little baby when you look at her and hold her for the first time.  If you have not felt or had real love in your life, like me, allow God to help you understand and feel it through the gift of your child.  I am sitting here now, typing on my computer, listening to my beautiful  daughter play the piano, unable to imagine life without her and deeply and truly thankful that I did not make the terrible choice of ending her life. May God’s peace and guiding hand be upon you.”

Steve and Jessica were faced with decision...  The Dr. asked if they were considering abortion due to a life threatening situation for both mom and baby.  The Dr. didn’t believe the baby would survive.  Steve and Jessica said, “No way!  What’s meant to be will be but the Dr. doesn’t need to kill the baby.“ Today baby Brandon is thriving in the NICU in Toledo and his parents and brother Robert celebrate every day.

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